Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Yesterday I received this award from Olivier and today I received it from Wanda! And today I received it from Pedi! Thank you so much!! I feel honored. Actually, you make my day, too, when I look at your blogs, that are done with love.

I want to pass this award on to Monika, who is showing us her "Stadtgarten" (Country living in the city) and who lives in 'my' city in Germany and to Angela Marie who is always so super friendly and welcoming.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Congratulations Gudl. You do have a wonderful way of presenting your way of life.

Angela Marie said...

Well now, You have made me blush as well as Wanda! I have been babysitting my sister's kids all day because she is really sick and haven't had anytime to get on the computer. I go to the comments left on my blog tonight and I am very pleasantly surprised! YOU made my day! Thank you very much for your very kind words.


Angela Marie said...

AND congratualtions to YOU! Your way of life and the way you represent it on your blog ALWAYS makes my day! I can see why someone gave you this award! You deserve it!

(((BIG hug)))

Amrita said...

Your blog is attractive and picturesique. You deserve this award.