Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Deer Family

Here you see them on our grass field across from our house. This photo is from last week, but today it looks just the same. It is very windy today and school is 2 hours delayed because of the high winds.
Hier seht ihr unsere Wild-Familie auf unserer Wiese gegenueber vom Haus. Das Foto ist von letzter Woche, aber heute sieht es draussen genauso aus. Es ist sehr stuermisch und deshalb faengt die Schule erst 2 Std. spaeter an.


Jutta said...

Vielleicht sieht es bei uns am kommenden WE auch so aus,sie melden Schnee bis in die Niederungen.Heute ist es schon merklich kälter.
Ich´habe den Winter es noch nicht schneien gesehen,würde mir schon mal gefallen:-)raus kann ich ja eh nicht.
Schön die Rehe so nah am Haus zu sehen,das letzte das ich sah ist auch schon paar Jahre her.

Gudl said...

Hallo Jutta, schoen dich hier wieder zu 'sehen'. Was macht dein blog??
Benutzt du nun deinen neuen laptop?
Viele Gruesse!

Olivier said...

l'hiver doit être dur a passer pour les biches, pas facile de trouver de l'herbe. et bravo pour tes photos.

Winter must be a hard move for deer, not easy to find in the grass. And congratulations for your photographs.

Priscilla said...

ahhhh...yes. Peace and quiet envelops the house as my two youngest and the neighbors go catch the bus.

I was sorry to have to miss CBS though.

Good photo. We never see deer hear. A lot of squirrel and a few skunks. That's it.

Mike said...

They are lovely. We have them in our local park at Richmond, but not with snow.

Lori said...

You have such a variety of wildlife! These must be happy deer.

Pedi said...

Wow, das ist so nah an euch dran! Toll!

Angela Marie said...

a cold wind is hard to take... it cuts right through you.

the deer are beautiful!

Wanda said...

Sorry I'm late getting around today. spent the morning in Bible Study Group, and this afternoon with Aunt Cassie. She seems to be moving closer to her "transition".

This picture is perfect, like a Post Card.
LOL :) Wanda

gmj said...

Is it really like living in the Garden of Eden? It seems so with all the animals and peace and quiet. How nice it must be.

Amrita said...

It looks so barren, hope they find something to eat.