Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yesterday I watched this Red-Breasted Nuthatch as it set here on the corner pole of our deck railing for a long time. It looked out into the forest as if it owned it! Looking left and right and straight as if it was waiting for a bus or something ;-)
Click on the photos and get a kick out of it!!
Gestern habe ich dieses Voegelchen(ein Kanadakleiber) beobachtet wie es so auf dem Eckpfeiler unseres Terrassengelaenders sass. Es war lange da u schaute in den Wald, als ob es der Besitzer waere! Es schaute nach recht, links und gerade aus, als wuerde es auf einen Bus oder aehnliches warten! Keiner kam....;-) Macht die Fotos groesser, das sieht viel netter dann aus.


Anonymous said...

In this kind of weather with the grass frozen and seeds buried under ice and snow it is especially hard on animals. Deer have a hard time as do rabbits and foxes and things like that. I pray often that this ice and snow melts before too many things have to die of starvation.

I see you are feeding the birds as I do. I put a lot of seed out and even dry, round pellets of dog food as the larger birds like Blue Jays and Starlings will eat that.

I also have the electric dog heated dish filled with water and plugged in so there is water to drink.

It is nice to see you have attracted so many birds.

And sometimes a small bird like the nuthatch will perch like this one did and survey his kingdom. They make such a soft sound, it is possible he was talking to his mate or waiting on her.

Mellimaus said...

I saw him sitting there yesterday as well. He sure did look like a king! Great pictures!

hannapurzel said...

Tolle Bilder! Und da er sein 'Geschäft' erledigte, sass er wohl eine ziemlich lange Zeit dort ;o)))
Euch einen schönen Sonntag!!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

He's so cute, all puffed up like that. Our temps are more moderate around here, so the little nuthatches we have, are smooth, streamlined little guys that never stop flitting around.

Josie said...

Habe in deinem schönen Blog gestö uns Ende letztes Jahr nur ein paar Stunden und schon ist er weggetaut..schade

Twinville said...

Looking for love, perhaps?

JO said...

How cute - he does own it - :)

Wanda said...

How darling...I did click on the pictures, and it indeed look like it was watching for that bus...!!
Did it ever come?


HaBseligkeiten said...

...ja, er hatte eine produktive Sitzung ;)
Schön, dass es irgenwo auf der Welt noch Winter mit Schnee gibt, bei uns strecken die Blumen schon ihre Triebe und Köpfe in die Höh.
Eine wunderschöne Woche wünsch ich Dir und liebe Grüße, Heidi