Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still some color

Doesn't that look like a painting? I love those last colors of the year. This is also on our property.
Sieht das nicht wie ein Gemaelde aus? Mir gefallen diese letzten Farben des Jahres. Das ist auch auf unserem Grundstueck aufgenommen.


Pedi said...

Ich würde wirklich gern mal bei euch spazieren gehen.

Dunja said...

I wish we couls skip winter altogether.

lm1 said...

oh I like winter, at least the weather part, the colors this time of year are great, well at least here. we still have green trees...LOL.
I like the red in contrast. very nice.

Priscilla said...

Nice picture.

Dunja, by the looks of it,we just may. It doesn't seem like winter yet. Usually it's snowy by now.

Lemming, does it snow at all in Portland?

Dunja said...

You might be right Priscilla!

lm1 said...

no. nope nada........well maybe once a year if we are lucky. and that is usally in febuary and only maybe 2-3 inches. just enough to make a snow man. just one though.
this year we actually are having ice issues, which is not normal for us. probably what you guys are getting is what we would normaly get. :o ) . did you get my e mail. prisilla?