Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Pet

This is Freckles, we also call her Frekky. Somebody called her 'ugly cat' the other day, but we still love her very much. She has a lot of personality and is very loveable and huggable. She also loves to she fits right in with our family!!
Das ist Freckles, die wir auch Frekky nennen. Sie ist ungefaehr 6 Jahre alt. Kuerzlich hat sie jemand 'haessliche Katze' genannt , aber wir lieben sie trotzdem sehr. Sie hat Persoenlichkeit und ist sehr liebenswuerdig und anhaenglich. Sie isst auch sehr passt sie also gut in unsere Familie!!


Dunja said...

I admit it, I said she is ugly..but ugly in a good way! HAHA

Rachel said...

Is she imagining there's a fish in her water?
I don't think she's ugly at all.

Martha said...

Most likely there's a hair in her soup. That happens with cats, you know.

Priscilla said...

I like her unusual markings. She's probably not the most attractive cat I've ever seen (just being honest)...but she's cute in her own way. Looks like she got mixed up in her markings.

She's she fits right in. Just kidding!

Gudl said...

She is definitely a funny cat.
Thanks for all your are all funny, too!! :-))

lm1 said...

she looks like a cross between a tori and a tortas shell coloring
I had a tori once they have a tendance to have attitudes, that fit their markings. I think she is cute as a bug.