Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snow in the Little Forest!

Finally some snow! This is the view I had yesterday morning when I stepped out of the house.
Endlich etwas Schnee! Das war der Blick unsere Einfahrt runter gestern morgen.


Rachel said...

How pretty, but it's all gone now, right? Ours lasted for a very short time.

Gudl said...

No, we still have snow, because we are higher up. It is still white out here in the woods!

lm1 said...

and just when I thought the temptation of coventing your house was over! WHAM! you show yet another fantastic veiw.
you slay me woman.
very nice to go walking in that at least for a bit, and then come into a warm toasty house and have tea or coco or coffee.

Priscilla said...

In town it is gone, but I am not surprised that it isn't out by your house.

Gudl said...

well, it's three o'clock now and it is almost all gone by now :-(