Thursday, December 14, 2006

Old Tree in our Road

When I walk on the road with Abby, I sometimes pass this tree and it always impresses me, because it is so big and hanging on to life! The photo is more impressive when you click on it and enlarge it.
Wenn ich mit Abby die Strasse entlang laufe, komme ich manchmal an diesem Baum vorbei. Er beeindruckt mich immer, weil er so gross ist und so einen Lebenswillen hat? Das Foto wirkt besser, wenn man es durch draufcklicken vergroessert.


Priscilla said...

Looks like it has been throught a few storms in its life.

lm1 said...

it has so much character! I love it! I like the knotts in it and the green that is growing from it.
very nice.

Gudl said...

Yeah, I wanted to post another photo of the whole tree, because it is higher, here you see only part of it, but I must have deleted it. Stay tuned! I will show it to you guys at another time.