Monday, October 16, 2006

Treestands - Hochstaende

Bow hunting season started on Saturday! In the meantime we have three treestands in our forest. Here are two of them.
Die Pfeil-und-Bogen Jagdsaison hat am Samstag angefangen! Wir haben drei Hochstaende in unserem Wald. Hier koennt ihr zwei sehen.


Anonymous said...

are they on your property , do you all bow hunt....? or do you let them come onto your propery to do so? thats about the only way we around here get anything... otherwise we end up at the coast.... but nothing there...except the physco hunters....

Gudl said...

These are on our property. We have 23 Acres of land/woods. A few men are hunting (family and friends).
So far no success (the deer are running!!) It is fine with me either way. Well, the hunting season has only just begun.