Thursday, October 26, 2006

Looking up

To give you the view of the other side of the house I went down almost into the creek. I took a photo of the house and then turned around and around to show you how it looks like in the other directions. You see the dry creek bed. Since then it has rained a lot and now it is a running water. Um euch die andere Hausseite zu zeigen, bin ich runter bis fast in den Bach gegangen u habe das Haus fotografiert. Dann habe ich mich zwei mal rumgedreht um den Blick in die anderen Richtungen zu zeigen. Man sieht das fast trockene Bachbett. Nun hat es aber viel geregnet und wir haben 'fliessendes Wasser' da unten.


Anonymous said...

you don't love your house or anything do you? you are funny.... I love it! I love your house! and the land ! oh what beauty God has given you and blessed you with.... to wake up every day surrounded by him! WOW.

Gudl said...

You got it! The reason why I show this in detail is because my friend and family in Germany have not seen it. And while I take photos I realize myself how beautiful it is and how blessed we are. I am very thankful, believe me! I am glad you like my blog. It's been fun for me, too. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

where in germany are you from... my father n law is german 1/2 and his mother is full.... so my hub is 1/4 and I am 1/2 sweed.