Sunday, October 29, 2006

The River Runs Through

Here it is: Our "River"! Sometimes noisy (today!!), sometimes quiet.
The hummingbirds are gone by now. Their feeder on the first photo is replaced with a feeder for all birds of the forest in the meantime. I will show you later.
Hier ist er also: Unser "Fluss"! Manchmal laut (heute!!), manchmal leise.
Die Kolibris sind nicht mehr da (oben, Nektarspender in rot), so haben wir zwischenzeitlich andere Vogelfutterhaeuschen aufgehaengt, die ich spaeter zeigen werde.


Anonymous said...

your killen me woman! your beautiful house and yard and, and .... well if I want to drool all i need to do is look on your blog and then go back to the ten comandments on how "thou shalt not covet thy neighbors house" hahaha.... really only half serious. ;)

Gudl said...

I am sorry, shall I stop the blog? lol