Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank You

Mike in London gave me this blogger award. He likes my photos of our surroundings and that makes me very happy, that people like Mike enjoy looking at my blog. Thank you so much, Mike, I feel honored. I like your blog, too!

Now I am supposed to give this blog to 10 other people! Help! That is too much!!
I will try to give this award to three people, how's that?

I like Lori's New York City blog! I enjoy her photos of the 'big apple'....makes me want to go there again!!

I also enjoy looking at my daughter's horse blog . I know she takes a lot of time and care to post her photos and tell her little stories. So here you go, my girl, here is a reward1

I also enjoy visiting Jing's blog, because I am interested in China. I am also impressed, that we can 'visit' people so far away from here...

So , here you go. I also look at some of the blogs that Mike awarded, and also at my family's blogs.... people, you are all great and worthy of rewards ;-)


Mellimaus said...

Thanks so much for the award! As soon as I log on next time, I'll post it. :-) Thank you!

Olivier said...

félicitation, tu mérites cet award.
congratulations, you deserve this award.

Wanda said...

Congratulations Gudl!! You do have the most excellent blog.

I can't believe how many beautiful posts I missed being away!!

There are all wonderful!!