Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Storm Clouds

These were the clouds that came with the ice storm. Little did I know when I took that picture a couple of weeks ago, that they would bring a real storm in all of our lives. By now the ice fell almost all off the trees but yesterday it was still only 15 degr. F.
Diese Wolken begleiteten den Eissturm vor ein paar Wochen. Als ich das aufnahm, wusste ich noch nicht was fuer ein Sturm auf unser Leben einbrechen wuerde!
In der Zwischenzeit ist fast das ganze Eis von den Baeumen abgefallen, aber gestern waren es immer noch nur minus 9 Gr. C. tagsueber.


Pedi said...

Echt imposantes Bild!!!

Gudl said...

Yeah, ... you have to enlarge it, then you see the ice better.

Priscilla said...

Remember how Jesus can speak to storms and they obey. He's in control...even when we can't make sense of it.

kristina said...

It's rare to storm clouds like that in the winter, at least it is here.