Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Impressions


Melyssa Lopez said...

Wow...great pictures. Where in upstate NY do you live. I was raised in Albany, NY. I now live in Miami, FL. The only thing I miss from NY is the fall. I think your the first person I ever met that is From Germany who loves the USA. Most Germans don't like Americans.LOL
It's also nice to meet another Christian on-line. God Bless

Gudl said...

Hi Melyssa, thanks for stopping by.
We live in the Finger Lakes region. Albany is three hours from here.
There are a few Germans who love America. To the other I would say "Go home". ... haha.
God bless you, too!

Martha said...

Are those Forget-Me-Nots? So pretty.

I'm so glad you love America and have decided to make it "home". Blogger Tracy and ger husband, Denis, are coming in June. They want to visit The Rheinblick and maybe we'll go to Sonnenberg Gardens while they
re here too.

Pedi said...

Schöne Bilder!

Mellimaus said...

WOW great pictures!

Lucia said...

Sehr schön!