Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The last two nights it was very windy. So...two nights ago this tree fell. It is on our trail close to the house. This is the third tree in one year that fell onto the trail because of high winds. It is the smallest though. I guess we have more fire wood!
Die letzten zwei Naechte war es sehr windig. Vorletzte Nacht ist dieser Baum umgefallen. Er ist auf unserem Waldpfad nahe am Haus. Das ist der dritte Baum in einem Jahr der wegen starkem Wind umgefallen ist. Das ist allerdings der kleinste. Na ja, haben wir halt mehr Feuerholz!
Mir kam noch der Gedanke "Der Baum ist tot. Er fiel im fruehen Morgenrot" (Alexandra....hat L.-Oma immer gehoert) Kindheitserinnerungen!!


Dunja said...

I have that song on the PC if you ever want to hear it!

Priscilla said...'s a song? I thought maybe it was a poem.

What confuses me is why the word 'red' is on the end of 'morning'. Or maybe it is an entirely new German word that I don't know? (very likely)

Gudl said...

Priscilla, you try to understand everything, eeh? Even our secrets?? ;-) just kidding. I didn't think the last sentence is of interest for outsiders. Anyway. Morgenrot means 'dawn'. I was talking about an old song from our childhood. It goes "The tree is dead. It fell in early dawn". It sounds nicer in German.

Priscilla said...

Don't worry...I can't always figure it out. Most of the time I can't. So...your secrets are safe with me! (or from me)

T said...

no fair having secrets on a blog!
THATS IT I am learning German!
I can't take this any more. LOL.
don't worry I am just kidding.

Martha said...

It's all Greek to me.
(Ha, ha, just kidding)