Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Little House in White

We definitely have winter now!The ice is still clinging to the trees and we got snow on top of it.
It looks beautiful, but is is very cold.
Wir haben nun wirklich Winter!! Das Eis haengt noch immer an den Baeumen und es schneite noch mehr darauf. Es sieht schoen aus, aber es ist sehr kalt.


Rachel said...

How beautiful it looks!

Martha said...

So pretty, so cold!

Priscilla said...

I'm ready for spring already.

T said...

oh it is soooo very pretty!
makes me want to bundle up and go for a walk!

samuru999 said...

A picture of beauty!
Lovely, but it looks so cold!!!!
It has been a very cold winter here
...too much snow!
I love the snow, but can't wait for spring!


Simone said...

Diese Bilder sind wunderschön!