Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Four, Western Show

I know that some of my readers find is boring to see so many photos of our daughter and her horse, but she herself is away at camp and she looks into my blog and enjoys the photos of her events etc. . ... They had another good day!
Ich weiss, dass einige Leser gelangweilt sind von den vielen Tochter-Pferd-Fotos, aber Melissa selbst schaut in den Blog waehrend sie im Camp ist .... sie sind also auch fuer sie u sie erfreut sich daran wenn sie sich erinnert. . . Sie hatten auch hier einen guten Tag!


Mellimaus said...

Thanks (again) for the pictures! Daisy looks great in them...:)

Martha said...

I have been busy with Vacation Bible School and my blueberry patch this week. The photos of M. and her horse are great! This is your life, these are the things you love, and that is why they are posted here. You don't have to apologize.

ILJ said...

I love seeing pictures and hearing about Mellimaus' shows! :) Keep posting. :)