Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wayne-Ontario Saddle Club Riding event

I just came back from here. Our daughter was competing in a few Western Classes and had a lot of fun! Thankfully the weather was great, too. Here you see her riding with a 'buddy', holding a band. She is the one wearing a helmet!
Ich kam gerade von diesem Reiterwettkampf zurueck. M. hat hier teilgenommen wie man auf den Fotos sehen kann. Da reitet sie gerade mit einem Partner u die zwei halten ein Band, das sie nicht loslassen duerfen. Es hat allen Spass gemacht u zum Glueck hat das Wetter auch gehalten! Unsere Tochter ist die mit dem Helm.


Anika said...

Come check out my new blog!

Mellimaus said...

Thanks so much for coming to the show and taking these GREAT pictures! I love them all--especially the one where we are galloping together--horses legs in the same position. Really cool!!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well of course, she's the one wearing a helmet. She one smart cookie! :)

I am just grinning from ear-to-ear seeing that pic of Mell on Daisy smiling.
Such beautiful joy!


Wanda said...

Great Pictures.... I noticed that M has a new slide show....must get over there real soon.

How about a "german" chili??? (((smile)))

tr3nta said...

Great movement pics love the one were horse look like flying... :-)

Lori said...

Those are fantastic action shots!! She must be a great rider. It looks like those horses were going super FAST!

Olivier said...

un beau spectacle, elles ont l'air de bien s'amuser.

a beautiful show, they seem to play well.

Dunja said...

Sieht nach Spass aus!
Mittlerweile denk ich weiss jeder wie "Eure Tochter" heisst oder??

Dunja said...
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bonnän said...

Hi there from Sweden. With all kindness I just want to enlighten you about the fact that the curb bit should never be pulled more than 45 degrees. To prevent that from happening one need to use a curb chain at all times! (Thinking about the dark horse in the pictures)

Otherwise nice pictures, have a nice day!

Greetings from Sweden and Europe =) :)