Thursday, September 04, 2008

End of Summer

These photos are from last weekend.
Too bad, summer is over! Today the school started again. But it is still very warm.
Diese Fotos sind von letztem Wochenende. Zu schade, dass der Sommer schon vorbei ist! Heute hat hier auch die Schule wieder angefangen. Aber das Wetter ist zur Zeit noch sehr heiss!


Twinville said...

These photos are beautiful. They remind me of some of those you took in Germany.

Today is officially end of summer here, too. My birtdhay is today and labor day celebrations are over...and cold weather has moved into the mountains.
We start homeshool on Monday. So many changes at the beginning of the new season.

Olivier said...

tes photos de fin de l'été sont superbes, bravo.
L'ouverture c'est bien passé ?

your photos of late summer are superb, bravo.
The opening went well?

Mike said...

Too bad! we are looking forward to a sunny autumn. Lovely photos Gudl.

Priscilla said...

They are nice photos. How was M's first day? Was she glad to be back?

Jutta said...

Schöne Eindrücke....hier geht der Sommer nun auch so allmählich,man merkt es geht sehr auf den Herbst zu!
Auch diese Jahreszeit hat schöne Seiten,ok es müsste nicht als regnen!
Ist doch recht kühl hier aber Heizung machen wir vor Oktober nicht an!

Mary Timme said...

Ah, summer is almost over, but I'm ready! Those are great photos!

Wanda said...

The photos are beautiful but sad that summer is over...

All my grandkids are back in school too.

I'm checking on a watercolor class at a local adult center....maybe I'll go back to school too.

:) Wanda

Martha said...

It feels like summer today.

JO said...

looks beautiful!