Friday, January 25, 2013

It's COLD outside!! cold, you don't even want to let the dog out!
This is beautiful, lovely Sasha, our grand dog ;-)
(photo by Melissa)


Martha said...

Jasmine hasn't been going to Martin's house this week. She keeps asking to go out but coming back soon after. She needs more hair to be outside longer than a few minutes.

Wanda said...

I'm not sure how I lost you in my reader file, but I was looking in some old files...and there you were. So glad I have you back in my loop. I always love your picture and comments. I see you on fb, but now I can catch up on your blog.

Your dog is so beautiful. Sending love,

Gudl said...

Hi Martha and Wanda... nice to hear from you both! You are my long time blogger friends!! I don't do much here anymore, but I notice that people are still checking my blog daily, so once in a while I post something. I am def. more 'active' (haha) on fb
Sending my love, Gudrun