Monday, April 05, 2010

Florida Wildlife

The next few days I will show you a few pictures of it!
This here was a huge turtle in the pond of our friends vacation home. It was about a foot long (or more?!!)
Die naechsten paar Tage zeige ich euch Fotos von wild lebenden Tieren in Florida. Diese grosse Schildkroete lebt im Teich unserer Freunde (in dem Ferienpark dort) . Sie war ca. 40 cm lang!


Mellimaus said...

It's scary. and has a funny nose. :P
But it's a great picture...quite a find!

Wanda said...

Would like to visit Floria sometime.

Pedi said...

haha, Schildgroesse, du meinst bestimmt Schildkröte ;)

I agree with Melissa, scary and funny nose! Never seen one like this.

Gudl said...

Vielen Dank, Petra~!! Gut aufgepasst! Kannst du mal sehen wie doof ich bin! Hab' sicher gerade an Schuhgroessen gedacht ;-))